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Translation agency «Grade Translation» renders all necessary services of professional translations and offers notarial attestation, legalisation and apostille.
We translate texts of any subjects and formats and invite experts with an impressive experience.
We guarantee quality, efficiency, responsible and valid approach - that's why we have achieved trust of large international companies and public organizations. Translation agency «Grade Translation» is one of leading representatives of translational services for today.

We offer complex linguistic services, high level of qualification and coordinated work of the whole team of translators, project managers, editors and proof-readers. We get product absolutely identical to the initial material.
Any translation is executed in few levels and passes double quality check. We create and develop special dictionaries and glossaries for regular customers. Each translation is checked by editor specialising on subjects of current translation. If necessary checked up translation is read by the stylistic editor or the native speaker, in case of translation on foreign languages.

One of the basic advantages of translation agency «Grade Translation» - efficient work without detriment to result. Working with us, you can be always assured that you will receive text translation timely and in proper quality.

Trust of our clients is very important to us; therefore, in case of any order, we care of confidentiality and safety of customer's information. All employees of our company are instructed and have signed the necessary agreements including points about nondisclosure of the confidential information. We guarantee safety of information to our clients and trade secret protection.

Languages of translation

Translating company «Grade Translation» can offer wide spectrum of lingvistic services to our clients as well as translations to almost all existing languages in the world.
You can see some languages here:
English, Latvian, Russian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Slovene, Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Dutch, Indian, Chinese, Hungarian, Romanian.

Don't worry if you haven't found the necessary language here - just call to corporate phone of translating agency «Grade Translation» and our managers will immediately start to work with new challenge.


Written translation.
Cost will be calculated for standard page А4 (1500 signs with blanks).
Cost will be calculated strictly on signs without rounding up volume less than one standard page; except translation less than one page.
Editing of the draft version of translation given by customer - 50 % from cost of full translation.
Reading of translation by the native speaker (if it is not translation to Russian) - 5 Ls (for the European languages) per one translational page (1500 signs with blanks).
Layout design depends on complexity and is coordinated separately.

Our clients

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Why should you choose us?

  • Translators of almost any languages
  • Direct carriers of any European and east languages
  • Considerable quantity of glossaries and dictionaries
  • The complex approach to your order
  • Careful two-level check
  • Convenient service
  • Convenience of payment of our services
  • We are official and registered company

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