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Translation agency «Grade Translation» has impressive experience in various areas of translational activity. Irrespective of branch, translations are carried out by professional translators on strictly debugged procedure of performance. The basic directions of work of translation agency «Grade Translation» are following:

  • Translations on automobile subjects: engineering specifications, user instructions, marketing brochures.
  • Financial translations: bank, economic translations, business plans
  • IТ translations (Translations of information technology): software documentation and localisation.
  • Legal translations: contracts and other legal documents
  • Marketing translations: Advertising and public relations, marketing researches.
  • Medical translations: translation of texts of pharmaceutical subjects.
  • Technical translations: automobile, machine, agricultural, mechanical and electric engineering.
  • Telecommunications translations: program applications, instructions of the user.
  • Electronic commerce translations: system the buyer-seller, financial reports.
  • Multimedia translations: translations on electronic training and computer games.
  • Professional translations: translations of business correspondence.
  • Literary translations: philological translations.
  • Notarial translations: assurance of translations at the notary.

Translation agency «Grade Translation» offers good quality translation services under very favourable rates thanks to staff of professional translators in Russia, countries of Western Europe and America, and effectively organised working process.
If you choose the translation company carrying out qualitative translations ar short notice, capable to localise projects for many industrial segments, and you wish to save the budget - address to translation agency «Grade Translation» .

The personal manager who thoroughly supervises all stages of performance of the project of translation or localisation is given to each client of translation agency «Grade Translation». You can be assured that your project will be executed in term and with appropriate quality.

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