Corporate service

The translation agency «Grade Translation» is interested in long-term partner relationships with customer. We do our best for productive and convenient cooperation with our partners. There are favourable price programs and a number of additional services provided for regular customers of our company.

Advantages of this approach:

  • Immediate fulfillment
  • Minimum of formalities
  • Economy of means
  • Free departure of the courier

Subscribers' service

It is a version of corporate service, at which monthly requirement of the client for translations is approximately identical. The user's payment is calculated as minimum possible volumes of translations per month.

If your organisation already employs translators you can estimate means paid for translations monthly, we will reduce this figure by 30-50 % and take all your cares of translations.

Translations agency «Grade Translation» offers additional discounts and bonuses for subscribers. For example, at excess of the planned volumes on 20 %, any additional extra charges for service aren't collected!

Advantages of the offer:

  • Considerable economy, including taxes and social payments to employees
  • High speed of fulfillment of orders
  • The quality warranty of translations
  • Decrease in risk of the human factor - translation agency „Grade Translation" doesn't become ill, is not late for work and does not go on leave
  • Possibility of night translations
  • Additional discounts
  • Free departure of the courier

We are ready to offer the most favourable conditions of cooperation for our clients.

Save yours time and money - call the translation agency «Grade Translation».

Our clients

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Why should you choose us?

  • Translators of almost any languages
  • Direct carriers of any European and east languages
  • Considerable quantity of glossaries and dictionaries
  • The complex approach to your order
  • Careful two-level check
  • Convenient service
  • Convenience of payment of our services
  • We are official and registered company

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