Localisation of software and sites

Localisation - translation and adaptation of elements of the interface, auxiliary files and the documentation.

Localisation allows you:

  • To work in the foreign market
  • To get access to new clients or consumer groups
  • To increase efficiency of international distributions
  • To score advantages over competitors

Localisation process includes a number of difficult procedures:

Translation of texts on target language.
Correct alignment and placing of elements of the interface taking notice to essentially different sizes of messages - lines in different languages (for example, the typical message in English, being translated into German, as a rule, becomes longer on 30-50 %). Besides, there are languages with a writing from right to left (Arabian, Hebrew) and from top to down (Japanese);
Terminology translation is extremely important. For example, the term „browser" translated to other language may become disputable.
If there is a text in a picture, it should be drawn again also. If there are speech messages, they should be recorded.
Work with word forms. The example notorious „3 files are found".

«Grade translation» offers following services of localisation:

  • Software localisation
  • Localisation of the user documentation
  • Localisation of web - sites
  • Localisation of multimedia
  • Localisation of computer games
  • Localisation of the training software

Irrespective of objects in view and complexity of the localisation project, translation agency «Grade Translation» will give you the order executed with invariably high quality, in the stipulated terms.

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