Do you plan to enter in foreign market? The translation agency «Grade Translation» will help you in the decision of some matters related with adaptation of your product.

There are additional services included in some projects of the translation agency «Grade Translation». One of these services is the layout on the computer.

Localisation of documents, instructions and advertising materials is not just automatic or mechanical process. It is necessary to consider a number of aspects during pagination of translated material,:
The text volume can increase approximately by 30 % (for the majority of languages). Such languages as Japanese lead to volume increase almost on 50 %.
The font size, interlower distance and distance between symbols will be different after translation if it's necessary to combine texts of different size.
In technical managements and volume documents there can be additional pages.
Sometimes while translating your font can be replaced with a font of corresponding language.
Images can be moved. We try not to change the size of images, but in certain cases it is inevitable.

Special knowledge and the skills are necessary for adaptation of texts on advertising and a public relations, therefore while translating similar materials the translated text is transmitted on additional reading to the professional editor specialising on given subjects.

Layout is used in:

   1. Translation of presentations
   2. Translation of brochures
   3. Translation of catalogues
   4. Translation of drawings
   5. Translation of instructions
   6. Translation of journals
   7. Translation of the books
   8. Translation of articles

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