Stepping of the order

Translational procedure in the translation agency «Grade Translation» follows under the designed scheme that allows to receive the maximum translation quality. Experts carefully supervise if documentation and online materials were mirror display of the first copy at each stage.

Stage 1
The client sends materials to the translation agency «Grade Translation» by e-mail or with the courier. We can offer the courier free of charge within Riga.

Stage 2
The analysis, check of texts and the terminology integration. An estimation of amount of works and a project cost. If necessary, help materials are enquired.

Stage 3
The project manager conducts corresponding planning and advances terms for various stages of performance of the project. At this stage all details are definitively adjusted and the agreement is signed.

Stage 4
Extraction of translation lines from the software, in case of localisation process.

Stage 5
Files are sent to translator with necessary additional materials. Translation is always executed by qualified translator having significant experience in respective sphere.

Stage 6
The project and all corresponding additional materials and instructions are sent to editor. Editors, as well as the translators, are qualified experts from significant experience in respective area.

Stage 7
The project comes back to the project manager and is sent to internal experts for the quality analysis.

Stage 8
Files are sent to experts in layout or localisation if it is necessary

Stage 9

The functional control: check of work of the appendix and a technical application testing, in case of localisation process.

Stage 10
Project manager is looking through materials to make sure that all requests of the client have been observed, and the format of materials is true. All questions of payment are solved if payment is not made yet.

Stage 11
Files are sent back to the customer through e-mail or with the courier.


The quality standards

For high-quality translation maintenance, we employ the best translators, we use the newest software and we carefully manage strictly debugged translation process.
The translation agency «Grade Translation» offers complex linguistic service that means a high level of qualification and the balanced work of the whole command of translators, managers of projects, editors and proof-readers. Result of work is the product absolutely coinciding with an initial material.
Any translation is executed in few stages and passes double quality assurance (See the Stepping of the order). We create and lead the dictionaries and glossaries for regular customers. Each translation is checked by editor specialising on spere of given translation. Checked translation is read by stylistic editor or the native speaker, if necessary.

Besides, there can be additional stages of translation within the project, such as translation checking by customer and updating of materials according to the remarks and offers given by the customer.

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  • Translators of almost any languages
  • Direct carriers of any European and east languages
  • Considerable quantity of glossaries and dictionaries
  • The complex approach to your order
  • Careful two-level check
  • Convenient service
  • Convenience of payment of our services
  • We are official and registered company

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