Legal translation

Legal translation is the translation of texts, concerning jurisprudence and used for an exchange of the legal information between the people who are speaking different languages. As the right is a subject referring with sociopolitical and cultural features of the country, legal translation represents an uneasy problem. Adequacy of translation completely depends on professionalism of the translator who should understand thoroughly subjects of the document and to possess legal "dialect" as the second native language. One incorrect word or the dropped comma, and it is possible, the contract is useless. Errors in translation of the legal text can lead to causing of a material damage and an action at law presentation.

Legal documents could be is subdivided on following categories:

  • Translation of laws and regulatory legal acts and their projects
  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of the legal conclusions and memorandums
  • Translation of apostille and certificates of acknowledgement
  • Translation of founding documents
  • Translation of powers of attorney

Legally certified translation - the translation executed by the certificated translator and certified in a notarial order.

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