Notarial translation

Notarial certification of translations is a registration procedure of official documents translated on Latvian, Russian and/or foreign language, for their granting in the Latvian, Russian or foreign official establishments. Such translation is executed by the translator of our office, whose qualification is confirmed by the corresponding diploma or the certificate.

Ensure validity of documents - call the translation agency «Grade Translation».

Assurance of translation by the seal

Translation agency «Grade Translation» carries out assurance of written translations by own seal of company. The given service is granted at will of the customer and is stipulated separately with the manager of your project.

Guarantee quality of translation - call the translation agency «Grade Translation».


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  • Translators of almost any languages
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  • Careful two-level check
  • Convenient service
  • Convenience of payment of our services
  • We are official and registered company

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